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We accept our responsibility to use the planet’s resources wisely. Robinia pseudoacacia, commonly known in its native territory as black locust, is a medium-sized hardwood deciduous tree, belonging to the tribe Robinieae.It is endemic to a few small areas of the United States, but it has been widely planted and naturalized elsewhere in temperate North America, Europe, Southern Africa and Asia and is considered an invasive species in some areas. Because the trees were only 5-6 feet tall at this time, one really felt covered by their beauty when perched at the top of the staircase. The name Robinia was used in honour of Jean Robin and his son Vespasien Robin who were herbalists to King Henry IV of France. Dark red-brown seed pods follow the pea-shaped blooms in late Summer; and these, along with the stems, are covered in tiny soft hairs. It has a resistance class 1-2 (BSEN 350-2). Here at the Tree nursery in Essex we stock a couple of varieties of this lovely tree. However, in recent years, this particular cultivar, 'Frisia', has suffered from a damaging dieback problem, sometimes causing the ultimate loss of the tree. For one thing they are a great source of food for wildlife. Frisia is a fast-growing Robinia or false acacia tree, featuring attractive golden-green leaves over the summer, and scented flowers. Dark green leaves provide a good backdrop to the fragrant white flowers that bloom in early summer. Chaffinches, Siskins and Blackbirds are all fans of the tree. How to Prune Robinia Frisia - Robinia pseudoacacia 'Frisia' Pruning large trees is not a job for the amateur gardener - it needs a professional tree surgeon with proper insurance. Genus of about 6 species of deciduous trees and shrubs found in woodland and thickets in the USA and northern Mexico. Full range and kit packages available. We offer bespoke solutions to both playground construction and decorative items such as climbing trees and blasted root trees. This hard-working tree gives you lots of flowers in May and June by a backdrop of fresh green pinnate leaves. It can be used in-ground without additional chemical wood protection. UK wide delivery. Taller options available for most trees. We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and the agile, efficient, and accurate service that we deliver to our customers. Racemes of white pea-like fragrant flowers show in late spring and early summer. Ensuring our Supply Chain is committed to sustainability. They are unimposing and elegant, looking exceptionally graceful when in flower. Robinia Hispida (Rose Acacia) A lovely small tree with delicate Wisteria-like foliage, and drooping clusters of rose-pink fragrant flowers. The crown is significantly more closed in structure than that of the species. Robinia pseudoacacia 'Frisia' False Acacia ... Large orders may be part shipped, please contact us on 01782 502741 or email Acacia is tropical hardwood, originating from Africa, Australia and South America. The flowers are white or pink, in usually pendulous racemes.Many species have thorny shoots, and several have sticky hairs on the shoots. Native to eastern North America, Robinia Pseudoacacia is also known as Black Locust and has been a popular tree in the UK since the seventeenth century. The stems have architectural spines to give your tree an interesting framework, so this deciduous tree rewards you … Robinia fencing is extremely durable and proven to last. The trees can grow up to 27m tall with a trunk diameter of up to 1m. Robinia Timber Products. The Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Twisty Baby’ also known as ‘Lady Lace’ can be found as a multi-stemmed shrub, small single stemmed tree or top grafted standard. This is a fast-growing tree which has a broadly columnar structure and a bushy habit. Contact Us. Description This medium sized fast-growing tree with bright pinnate sunny yellow foliage, turning lime green throughout the summer until the autumn when the foliage turns golden yellow before falling. It is a native of North America, and has been introduced into Europe, Asia and New Zealand and is supplied incommercial quantities from Europe. We also supply Robinia fencing products including posts, rails and pickets for long lasting fencing, as well as standard and superior decking ranges. High density of 930kg per m³ when fresh. Buy Robinia online. Robinia (Robinia Pseudoacacia), also referred to as Black Locust (USA) / False Acacia (UK) is an extremely hard, durable, rot-resistant timber. The tree The trees can grow to a height of 24m to 27m. In addition to the provision of products we also offer a range of customisable options; Oiling, painting, cross-bolting and tongue and grooving. Family Fabaceae Genus Robinia are vigorous suckering trees and shrubs, sometimes thorny, with pinnate leaves and racemes of pea-type flowers in early summer, sometimes followed by seed pods Details R. pseudoacacia is a fast-growing, spreading tree to 25m tall with deeply furrowed rough bark and spines formed from stipules on twigs and suckers. Sustainable Hardwood. However, before the tree gets to this height it can be pruned carefully with a pole saw or long arm lopper. The heartwood has a high resistance to wood-destroying fungi and insects. Fencing posts, rails and pickets are just a few of the products available. Robinia is an Eastern European hardwood but can also be known as False Acacia (Pseudoacacia), because of its similar appearance. FSC Robinia Timber Supplies Hardwood Vineyard Posts Stakes Fencing Playground Poles Logs Decking Boards Tiles Squares Planters Fencing Oak Beech Robinia Poles Natural robinia poles - … There are many different advantages to growing rowan trees. A shrubby version of the classic False Acacia, Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Umbraculifera’ is the ideal alternative for a smaller space. The Robinia, also known as false acacia trees are a flowering tree variety that grows well in British climate and soil conditions and is a firm favourite among British gardeners. Log In Home Contact Us Delivery & Returns. Office Telephone: 01530 413700 Search Sign in. What is Robinia? Description: A small spiny tree with a rounded head and delicate, pale green, pinnate (feather-like) leaves.Lilac-pink, Wisteria like, pendulous and fragrant blooms are borne in late spring. History: Bred by Hillier nursery in Hampshire about 1930.Received the Royal … It is a native of North America, and has been introduced into Europe, Asia and New Zealand and is supplied in commercial quantities from Europe. Annual pruning keeps the crown compact. The bole is often twisted or fluted with a diameter of 0.6m to 1m. Buy medium to mature sizes from specialist nursery with 97% review score & UK wide delivery. Your Filters: Clear all. Robinias are versatile hardy trees and shrubs that will grow in most conditions. Ideal for patio pots. To grow Robinia they thrive in rich moist soil and in a sheltered site and ideally in full sun. Buy false acacia Robinia Cascade Rouge. Every piece of Robinia Timber supplied by the Dylan Group will be totally unique and bespoke; Each piece can be designed to harmonise with the natural environment; Robinia is a rapidly growing hardwood (mature in 30 years) It is a very tactile and durable timber; The Robinia timber does not need to be treated with any chemicals or preservatives Robinia pseudoacacia 'Frisia' is one of the main varieties sold. Check out our range online or … Choose from over 280 flowering cherries, crab apples, rowans and other ornamental trees. Description: A charming dwarf version with attractive twisted branches and delicately curled leaves.Young foliage emerging lime-green becoming darker with age. We supply an extensive range of Robinia poles, joists and decking used in the construction of quality natural playground equipment, outdoor timber structures and much more. Feel free to ask a question or simply leave a comment. Filter products [+] Hide filter [-] Plants Ornamental Trees Trees For Small Gardens Plants For Spring Blossom. Robinia Poles . Robinia Products. Robinia pseudoacacia 'Frisia' is a popular yellow-leaved tree, widely grown in many gardens and public spaces. As the name suggests this Robinia features a profusion of scented pink pea-like flowers. Popular Varieties of Robinia Grown in the UK There are a number of attractive varieties available in UK garden centres. The Robinia Pseudoacacia Umbraculifera cultivar has been a particular favourite in French and German gardens since the early 1800’s. UK Robinia provides high quality sustainable Robinia to playground builders and landscapers across the UK. At least your is in leaf but it may be the beginnings of the illness. If it is not clipped, the tree develops an umbellate crown. Popular for its bright pinnate foliage, Robinia pseudoacacia 'Frisia' has clear yellow leaves in spring that turn lime green throughout the summer and golden yellow in autumn. In continental Europe the trees are … Robinia pseudoacacia 'Frisia' is currectly suffering from a countrywide disease./virus. Robinia is a genus of flowering plants in the family Fabaceae, tribe Robinieae, native to North America.Commonly known as locusts, they are deciduous trees and shrubs growing 4–25 metres (13–82 ft) tall. Robinia pseudoacacia 'Umbraculifera' – Robinia pseudoacacia 'Umbraculifera' Small tree with a spherical crown up to 5 -6 m in height and width. Log In Track my Order 0118 903 5210 . Robinia Specifications. Proven to last and looks amazing. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our, Extremely durable - resistance class 1-2 (BSEN 350-2). Whilst it is of utmost importance to ensure that our clients and stakeholders are satisfied, we will never provide this at any detriment to the environment. Robinia Growing Tips: Grows in moderately fertile, will tolerate poor dry soils.Position in full sun or dappled shade, sheltered from cold winds. Naturally a multi-stemmed shrub, it can also be trained to grow as a small tree which makes a stately presence in a garden without getting too big for its boots. An assorted range of Robinia poles and square sawn timber, all debarked, with sapwood removed, and double sanded to a smooth finish. What is the difference between Acacia and Robinia? Your Basket. Save to My scrapbook Robinia psuedoacacia 'Frisia' with unknown dieback problems. Robinia trees Robinias are versatile hardy trees and shrubs that will grow in most conditions. Standard and superior range available. All parts of the plant are toxic except for the flowers which can be made into tea and are eaten in pancakes and fritters in Europe. Robinia pseudoacacia 'Bessoniana' – Robinia pseudoacacia 'Bessoniana' A decorative selection with a straight trunk and a broad, oval crown later becoming broad ovoid. Beautiful natural curvatures. Robinia are popular deciduous trees that often bear pinnate foliage and racemes of pea like flowers throughout the summer months, which can be often followed by seed pods. Large, older trees often have a rotten heart. My own eighteen year old 20ft had awful die back and I've had to reduce it's height by half. More. Over the next 2 years, these 6 trees bloomed into a canopy of magnificent yellowish/chartreuse blooms in the spring, followed by racemes of large, fragrant white flowers. Robinia hispida (shown below) provides an attractive medium sized shrub for smaller gardens. If you’re thinking of planting false acacia trees then it is advisable to read up as they might require a bit more attention. Call: 01293 344 870. The common name of False Acacia comes from its beautiful white pea-like fragrant flowers that hang elegantly from the branches, resembling those on Acacia. Tree Robinia Know as “False Acacia” this small group of trees are grown for their pretty foliage and sprays of pea-like, scented flowers which are a good source of nectar and pollen for bees and other pollinating insects. Robinia 'Frisia' is an extremely beautiful tree with yellow foliage which is retained throughout the summer. They are all very hardy and will grow in almost any conditions. The genus Robinia, sometimes known as false acacia, contains a variable group of shrubs and trees, characterised by their pea-like flowers and pinate leaves. Then it can sometimes attain a h… Read more The flowers are pea-like and are held in dangling pendants; the flowers carry a light fragrance and they are very attractive to bees and other wildlife. There are several benefits of Robinia. Extensive range of quality Robinia hardwood play equipment. Supplier and stockist of robinia poles, robinia rounds, sawn robinia, robinia boards. Shop Everything Garden ... Robinia Trees. Robinia trees have one of the smallest proportions of sapwood (1 cm strong) and, therefor, boast 87% heartwood up to 30 cm in diameter and 96% up to 90 cm in diameter. Robinia pseudoacacia 'Frisia' is a popular yellow False Acacia tree. In Europe, Robinia is often coppiced, providing small and faster grown sections. Height 15 - 20 m. The gre… Read more Robinia hardwood decking looks brilliant and will outlast many other decking products. In fact Fieldfares and Redwings will plan their migration to the UK from Scandinavia to coincide with the berry production of rowan trees. Robinia (Robinia Pseudoacacia), also referred to as Black Locust (USA) / False Acacia (UK) is an extremely hard, durable, rot-resistant timber. Before leaf fall the colour develops into a deep orange-yellow which makes a fantastic autumnal focal point. Variety of Waney edge Robinia boards available from a fully rustic board with bark to fully edged and trimmed boards. Please use the contact us page stating species, height range and postcode for more info.. A delightful and unusual dwarf patio form of the False Acacia tree or Black Locust tree, Twisty Babe (Robinia pseudoacacia 'Twisty Babe') reaches a final height of 4m (13ft), so is ideally suited to a small garden or on positioning in a large container on a patio.

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