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The provision of small loans to the poor to float micro-businesses rose in popularity in the early 1990s and 2000s for a reason more substantial than it's … We seek to invest in and structure innovative investment solutions that can offer attractive returns and mitigate risks for our clients while generating a measurable social or environmental impact. Impact investing has been long associated with microfinance funds, which to date make up the majority of existing private debt impact funds. Follow us on Instagram, Seefeldstrasse 233 The basic premise of an ‘inclusive economy’ is that more opportunities are made available for more people – that an increasingly wide cross-section of society has access to the labour market, financial services and economic opportunity, regardless of their gender, race or ethnicity, age, family background, sexual orientation or socio-economic circumstance. Investing in financial inclusion and shared prosperity. Top 10 Impact Investing Trends for 2020. We explain below how impact investments that promote financial inclusion can help to foster economic growth and build sustainable economies and societies. Lauren Burnhill joins Emerald Peak Private Equity as managing partner…Jarrett Barrios of California Community Foundation and Gabriella Morris of World Food Program USA join the Nathan Cummings Foundation’s board of trustees… UpMetrics is hiring a director of impact investing…OpenInvest is looking for a content marketing specialist in San Francisco. Improved Working Conditions. KKR has sped past the $1bn target on its premier impact investing fund, thanks largely to demand from wealthy retail investors. Increased Agricultural Output. Impact Investments into Financial Services have grown at 19% CAGR and account for 50% of total capital deployed in impact investing over the last decade. Why impact investing is part of the solution. [2] “PIIF Report on Progress 2016 – assessing the impact of responsible investors in Inclusive finance”, Principles for Investors in Inclusive Finance. It gives a flavour of how bringing people into the financial system spurs social and economic development and contributes to achieving many of the Sustainable Development Goals. The distribution of this article does not constitute an offer or solicitation. Switzerland, Rue du Commerce 9 Impact investing has come a long way over the last 10 years in the country, making measurable contributions to the development sector — touching over 490 … This impact report presents our broad impact scope as an investor in financial inclusion in a context of stories and numbers. Emerging markets: investing in financial inclusion | ASI; Financial Advisors and Investors. 1204 Geneva Lastly, it is a market that is best suited to traditional impact investing organisations. Last week the impact investing community descended on Barranquilla, Colombia to advance the cause of financial inclusion in Latin America and the Caribbean at the annual FOROMIC (Microfinance and SME Forum). The following example of an impact investment illustrates how our financing has been used to generate positive social impact in the area of microfinance and financial inclusion. the impact investing industry. Increase in job Creation. The go-to source for impact investing news and trends. For our latest insights on impact investing and to learn more about our approach: Economic. The challenge of accessing affordable credit. The average financial inclusion investee, for example, provided first-time access to formal financial services to more than 136,000 individuals during a one-year period, according to an analysis of almost 800 financial inclusion investments from 46 investors since 2009. This is often because they have limited or no access to basic financial products and services, or because the products and services to which they do have access are not adequately structured with respect to the prospective client’s repayment capacity. Improved Productivity. The impact of this will no … An inclusive financial system, where all members of society have access to financial services, is essential for shared prosperity and inclusive growth. Early efforts aimed at promoting financial inclusion were initiated by NGOs and development finance institutions which would often lend with the objective of social benefit while allowing financial returns to remain a secondary consideration. This article was sponsored by M&G, and RI editorial staff were not involved in the creation of this content. The MFIs provide a variety of services to support development activity, including unsecured credit, insurance, housing loans, deposits and savings. Information given in this document has been obtained from, or based upon, sources believed by us to be reliable and accurate although M&G does not accept liability for the accuracy of the contents. There is an increasing diversity of inclusive finance providers and investors, from commercial banks to fintech companies. Impact results among financial inclusion investments In total, 46 investors reported the impact results of 798 direct, annualized financial inclusion investments made in 85 countries, reflecting performance between 2009 and 2019. Center for Financial Inclusion Header Logo. Financial Inclusion during the Pandemic and Beyond: Lessons from a Resilient Region. The transaction finances a well-diversified pool of loans in terms of country and MFI entity exposure. Introducing SMU Impact Investing’s final high impact sector of focus - Financial Inclusion. Building on this approach as well as the GIIN’s decade of experience standardizing impact metrics and establishing the IRIS+ system, this new installment of reports – Understanding Impact Performance: Agriculture Investments and Understanding Impact Performance: Financial Inclusion – mark the significant progress being made by the GIIN towards standardizing impact performance … Manulife Tower #28-01 Moreover, around two-thirds of the loans made in 2018 were to borrowers in rural areas lacking access to conventional finance and therefore struggling to meet their financial goals. Key Takeaway: We enter the new decade full of promise for innovation and discoveries in healthcare, financial services and clean energy. Further, in developing countries 80% of the most economically-disadvantaged individuals do not have bank accounts[2] – with much of the unbanked population consisting of women and poor households in rural areas. San Isidro, Lima Achieving financial inclusion is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. Impact investing in financial technology emerged as an extension of the broader trend of investing in financial inclusion. Try: Financial Technology, Sub-Saharan Africa, Case Study. The MEF was established by IFC (the private-sector arm of the World Bank Group), KfW (the German development bank) and OeEB (the Austrian development bank) to provide short and medium-term debt to MFIs, which in turn offer loans to thousands of micro and small entrepreneurs in developing countries to support economic development and help break the cycle of poverty. Providing financing for companies that take this approach allows investors the opportunity to participate in increasing financial inclusion while earning competitive financial returns. The Regional Education Finance Fund for Africa (REFFA) 2019 Annual Impact Report, InsuResilience Global Partnership Annual Forum, BlueOrchard Market Update: Emerging Markets Impact Investing Q3 2020, BlueOrchard Virtual Event ‘Outlook 2021 – Impact Investing in the APAC Region’, BlueOrchard announces the launch of a Covid-19 support fund that aims to support more than 200 million jobs in emerging and frontier markets. Reference in this document to individual companies is included solely for the purpose of illustration and should not be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell the same. The impact we are interested in – for each of our investment strategies - is the effect of our activities on society and the environment. This article was written by Richard Sherry, Fund Manager, M&G Investment Management. Advance financial inclusion globally by expanding quality financial services. Sponsored Content. Caveat Venditor: A New Model for Buyer Selection in Responsible Microfinance Equity Exits. Financial Inclusion. M&G provided US$90 million senior debt financing to MEF, a $690 million microfinance debt fund set up in 2009 to offer a reliable and stable source of finance to microfinance institutions (MFIs) in a wide range of developing countries. 156 social enterprises have impacted over 96 million people in the ten-year period. 8008 Zurich About 4 billion adults reported no formal savings and almost 5 billion claimed no formal borrowing, according to the World Bank. Impact investing and particularly investments in microfinance foster inclusive growth and development by providing micro entrepreneurs with capital and other services to support income-generating activities. See the About page for further information. Why Financial Inclusion? This post is part of CGAP's "Evidence and Impact in Financial Inclusion: Taking Stock" blog series. We invest not only to promote financial inclusion by giving borrowers better access to affordable and appropriate financial services, but also to improve the lives and prospects of those borrowers as a result of the financing provided. Increased Business Expansion. Singapore 048424, InsuResilience Investment Fund (IIF) launches new report on climate insurance in developing countries, Protecting low-income communities through climate insurance. Can sustainability reporting reduce financing costs? Impact investing trends. Access to such services unleashes the potential of entrepreneurs, many of whom are the most socially and economically vulnerable, and helps to break cycles of poverty and oppression, empowering individuals, families and communities. Peru, 9th Floor – Unit 22, Pine Tree Plaza, Kaburu Drive, off Ngong Rd Today, 1.7 billion adults remain unbanked and have no access to credit, savings accounts, insurance or related financial services. Financial services are key to achieving progress and growth. About The activities of the MEF and its partner institutions have a strong developmental profile with 80% of borrowers being women, many of whom are heads of household. Why impact investing is part of the solution. financial inclusion, fintech, impact investing, microcredit, microfinance, research, social impact Latest Posts Tuesday November 24, 2020 Making Bank Accounts Work for Women: Lessons on Designing Gender-Centric Financial Services Follow us on Twitter Responsible Investor is published by Response Global Media Limited (Company No: 6123092); an independent UK publishing company. ... group-lending model is a tried-and-tested way to make use of development capital and public markets to make a positive impact. Early efforts aimed at promoting financial inclusion were initiated by NGOs and development finance institutions which would often lend with the objective of social benefit while allowing financial returns to remain a secondary consideration. 56% of them are women, and 59% of these women do not participate in their country’s labour force. Nairobi It has been written for informational and educational purposes only and should not be considered as investment advice or as a recommendation of any security, strategy or investment product. Financial inclusion fosters entrepreneurship and job creation, and gives individuals the tools to improve their livelihoods on a plethora of levels – financial security, health, education, and more. Tag: financial inclusion. Inclusive finance is helping to bridge this gap. The city of Barranquilla, humid as its people are warm, hugs the Magdalena River a few hours north of Cartagena on the Caribbean Sea. Our investments have reached over 39 million micro-entrepreneurs in emerging and frontier markets as of December 2018. At the same time, for many of the impact investing vehicles created in the last decade, their investment horizons are coming to a close. Investment impact overview: With an average underlying loan size of $1,730, our investment in MEF will support lending to around 52,000 micro and small entrepreneurs in developing countries. Smart Investing; Innovation Realized ... Could government-to-person payments be the gateway to financial inclusion? The services and products provided by M&G Investment Management Limited are available only to investors who come within the category of the Professional Client as defined in the Financial Conduct Authority’s Handbook. The group-lending model is a tried-and-tested way to make use of development capital and public markets to make a positive impact. At M&G we invest in private and illiquid fixed income assets across twelve thematic impact areas that offer clear positive environmental or social outcomes as well as attractive financial returns. Read about BlueOrchard’s impact, the BlueOrchard Microfinance Fund and access our latest Impact Report here. Where do carbon emissions go when they’re no longer in your portfolio. This concept is based on a new approach to impact measurement pioneered by the Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme (PFIP) with conceptual and technical support from our financial inclusion advisory firm, BFA.PFIP is a United Nations Capital Development Fund program dedicated to reaching low-income Pacific Islanders with useful formal financial services and supported by the Foreign … It is broadly recognized as an important tool for reducing poverty and achieving inclusive economic growth. Sign up to receive the Impactivate ® newsletter via email. The link between economic growth and social progress is complex, although most would agree that pursuing a more inclusive model of economic growth that benefits all segments of society is essential to creating a sustainable future. Microfinance Enhancement Facility (MEF) – helping to create a cycle of positive change. Social Impact. Inclusive finance is helping to bridge this gap. Luxembourg, Calle German Schreiber 184 Visit the Contact page to get in touch. Switzerland, 1, rue Goethe This sector is gradually shifting its focus from traditional lending models with larger proportion of newer investments. Follow us on Facebook For our financial inclusion investment strategy, this impact is about providing access to finance to those traditionally excluded and building robust, sustainable and professional financial institutions. This is achieved by providing access to affordable and responsible financial products and services that people need. Skip to content. Although financial inclusion is a particularly acute issue in developing markets, access to affordable and responsible financial services, including credit, remains a key challenge for low-income and financially excluded groups in both developed and emerging economies. The financial inclusion industry is evolving. Over time, Accion has helped develop 65 microfinance institutions in 32 countries across four continents. The series explores recent efforts to synthesize evidence on the impact of financial inclusion and examines whether concepts like usage, financial health and poverty reduction capture the real impact of financial inclusion. Business Impact. Indonesian Coal Miners ESG Outlook | Market Forces, Salone Dello SRI | PIANETA ESG - Finance faces a new world, RI Digital: Canada 2020 (September 15-16), RI Digital Festival: Summer 2020 (June 15-19), Croatan Institute April 2020 Croatan Forum, 3rd Latin American Symposium on Climate Change Adaptation, Chatham House | Responsible Business 2020, Careers in Responsible Investing and Sustainable Finance, Data rich: why having granular ESG data matters, People & Appointments: Faith Ward to Chair IIGCC, SEC appoints investor advisory committee. Connect with us on LinkedIn Jul 9, 2020 | Financial Inclusion, Impact Investing, SME Financing, … Agents of Impact: Follow the Talent. Based in Washington, D.C., Ehrbeck is responsible for teams that are advancing empowerment in the areas of financial inclusion, impact investing, and property rights. Nonetheless, many micro-enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and individual borrowers have unmet financing needs. Two reports from the Global Impact Investing Network provide evidence of impact in each sector. Financial services have a major role to play in the activities of individuals and the economy as a whole. Financial Inclusion Sarah Brodsky | 6 months ago As Social Economic Mobility Declines, Investors Seek to Expand Opportunity. This investment aligns with the following UN SDGs: Impact investors can help to create resilient, inclusive and sustainable economies and societies better equipped to navigate the changes induced by megatrends such as globalisation, digitalisation and demographic shifts. Improved Financial Resilience. Dec 11th, 2020 A demand-driven fund, the MEF has lent to over 230 MFIs across all developing regions since its inception. You are currently browsing the tag archive for the ‘Impact Investing’ tag. They are subject to change without notice and involve a number of assumptions which may not prove valid. 1637 Luxembourg M&G Investment Management Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. [1] “The Global Findex Database 2017”, World Bank Group. Increased Agricultural Input. 0179 Tbilisi ... raise awareness and advance financial inclusion, microfinance and impact investing … This sample of impact investments is associated with material progress in Improved day to day Financial Management. Impact investing refers to investments "made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return". … As the partner directing these areas, he oversees Omidyar Network’s investment relationships with a number of private and public sector organizations around the globe. This article reflects M&G’s present opinions reflecting current market conditions. Past performance is not a guide to future performance. It may also be an attractive source of returns for investors. Access to financial services and the use of financial services are not the same when examined in the context of financial inclusion because some people may have the financial services available to them and they can indeed patronize the financial service providers. Impact investments provide capital to address social and/or environmental issues. Financial inclusion has been demonstrated to stimulate economic and social development and to move society toward a range of UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Office 201 That said, the impact fund universe now includes funds engaged in activities other than pure microfinance. According to the Global Impact Investing Network’s (GIIN) Annual Investor Survey 2018, after energy, microfinance and financial services (ex-microfinance) comprise the second and third-largest impact allocations (assets under management) by sector. Over the past twenty years this incipient approach to microcredit has matured to become a rapidly consolidating global microfinance industry. Increased Benefits for Family. A platform that gives impetus to meaningful news in the fields of HEALTH TECHNOLOGIES, IMPACT INVESTING AND FINANCIAL INCLUSION. Daria Solovieva-January 2, 2020. Kenya, Chavchavadze Ave. 29 It may also be an attractive source of returns for investors. Around 1.7 billion people worldwide cannot access traditional bank finance and are classified as ‘unbanked’[1]. An inclusive financial system, where all members of society have access to financial services, is essential for shared prosperity and inclusive growth. The family supports microfinance and other financial inclusion initiatives including Grameen America, the Robin Hood Foundation, and ACCION International that provide underserved communities with a range of opportunities to help build their own capacity, self-sufficiency and resilience. For the RI Team browse the Team page. 6th Floor Issued by M&G Investment Management Limited (unless stated otherwise), registered in England and Wales under number 936683 with its registered office at 10 Fenchurch Avenue, London EC3M 5AG. Adequately designed financial products and services, operational efficiencies bred of increasingly sophisticated IT systems, and an understanding that social impact may be achieved without sacrificing risk-adjusted financial returns are now the norm. This attractive risk-return-impact relationship is helping to increase private-sector investment in this newly consolidating industry and to further reinforce financial deepening in many economies. Many of these funds are focused on promoting financial inclusion, with an increasing emphasis on fintech companies that provide products and services to microcredit and SME finance driven by algorithmic underwriting and big data. Georgia, 8 Cross Street MEF has progressively grown the share of local currency lending in its portfolio to 62% (all local currency loans are fully hedged to the US dollar), thereby de-risking many of its investee institutions and their clients from currency fluctuations. Financial inclusion is about providing financial services to all members At BlueOrchard, we focus on creating jobs, creating opportunities for women entrepreneurs and alleviating both poverty and its root causes.

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