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Thoughts on Lowes/Costco cabs? It is treated to resist staining. When we did our kitchen we priced out big box and independent retailers, and custom cabinet makers. Better selection and price. Granite Transformation’s main business is granite and quartz countertops. I don't think that's far to drive to choose granite, especially since a stone yard will probably give you better prices. I selected a group D granite for 64 a square foot. Jul 7, 2020 - Looking for some slick new fillings in the corners and the lowes granite countertops reviews around your home? I WILL PURSUE THAT ALONG WITH LYING STORE MGR NATHANIEL WHO LIED ON THE PHONE THAT WAS RECORDED. Granite countertops will need to be sealed year after year as long as you own the countertop. I BOUGHT EXPENSIVE GRANITE FROM LOWE'S ON SALE FOR $4,400 IN JULY & TO THIS DAY (NOVEMBER 2018) THEY INSTALLED GRANITE THAT DOES NOT MATCH AT ALL. By July both seams were buckled and two other spots were already warped!!! Just get a few estimates and look at installed jobs...see who can give you the best service. It looks like they installed wet fiber board under the counter top. Lowes has amazing fabricators and not amazing fabricators- and the difference between the Sensa granite from Cosentino and the Allen and Roth is supposed to be huge, with the Sensa being better. There aren't any large stone yards in my area. I'm sure it differs by area, but working with Home Depot for my countertops and lowes for my cabinets here in nh was a good experience. At 38.00 dollars a week ( 30 k ) over your planned length of stay in the house ( 15 years)........classically simple, quality cabinetry in a "high rent" housing area is going to be appropriate and enjoyable every day of your stay. - Anonymous . There are two ancillary areas in the kitchen that we thought we wouldn't do granite on to keep costs down. I guess it must vary by region, chrissy. I'm a Sr. Review #1368404 is a subjective opinion of poster. Review #1404852 is a subjective opinion of poster. Fortunately no problem for the installer. LAWSUIT: FRAUD, DECEPTION, & MONEY OWED. Examine out these lowes granite countertops reviews complimenting this modern day living room. Working with HD was completely painless. I'm thinking about going with Lowe's sensa brand granite. The fabricator seems to have a good reputation. 30-50 miles drive doesn't sound bad to me, really, particularly for something as important as countertops. She then lied and said she will call me back she is with a customer right now, SHE just had me transferred to her to give me a quote because the first guy doesn't have the right screen or information. He templated 2 days later and installed 3 days after the templating.Prior to going there I stopped at a yard 100 miles away that had a fabulous selection. And far less expensive than a total do over well before you're ready to move on. The countertops from Home Depot are warantied. I priced out my quartz ( same exact lg and silestone colors) at Home Depot and at an independent fabricator. Mind your own business stupid. I'm pretty sure we'll do granite in one of those two, the other I'm still not sure. 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(702)804-**** EXTENSION 347 (LAZY, LYING, INEPT INSTALLATION MGR WHOM I WILL SEEK TO HAVE FIRED. I tried to go directly to a local fabricator and thought their customer service was lacking. Countertops are the visual focus of any kitchen or bathroom. Because granite is porous, it will need to be periodically resealed to ensure liquids and bacteria can't seep in. Silestone (cosentino) advised that the installer - counter fit would need to come out and inspect the crack. 0 Comment. The sweepstake winners’ master bathroom gets a makeover with a new shower, tile and storage space, A table on wheels? December 6, 2020 . Not to mention, at the big box store you only get to see a small piece of granite, and not the actual slab that would be going in your kitchen. They rescheduled atleast 4/5 times. Cowhide Sofa Bed. They only want to protect the fabricator and don't seem interested in keeping a customer. Hair cut and color? Appealing Look Two Tone Kitchen Cabinet Ideas. Is lowe's competitive with their pricing? Compare products, read reviews & get the best deals! Pissed Consumer © 2020 All I said I wouldn't accept a seam across the peninsula, so I stipulated that on the contract with a money back guarantee if they weren't willing to work with me on the seam location. Like I said before, get quotes and go with the place you feel the best fit with. I still dreamily think about doing far worse. I am learning so much and still have one crisis after another so I have to wait a few more months to get back into my kitchen obsession but I still read and learn and try to give opinions if I can. They are made from molten rock that erupted from Earth's core and come in beautiful swirls and patterns. In two weeks, I hope to have replaced the carpeting in my living room and dining room with new laminate which will eventually be put into 4 bedrooms and a hallway as well. HE FINALLY ADMITTED TO NEVER CONTACTING ME. When it comes to white granite colors, you can choose from a great variety of options for your kitchen design inspiration:. Here granite is sold by the SF not by the slab. I ALSO WANT LAZY CHANTE FIRED AT LOWE'S #784. You'll spend more time staring at and using this kitchen than any car you may park in your garage. They did have 4 colors of quartz on sale for $49.99 but we just didn't care for the look. on 3/4/2016. The Lowe's person said I can go pick out the slab there. See features. out of 5 ... Love how the countertops turned out, great job! Find out who your Lowe's uses to fabricate. The only problem we had was that our cabinet maker mis-inastalled a run of cabinets and had to rush out to reset them while the Lowe's contractor had to wait a little. By admin | October 4, 2015. On the other hand, we had previously used the fancy dealer before for a special unusual and expensive granite in our bathroom. While cleaning the kitchen my wife noticed an approximately 6-inch crack running from the corner seam (were countertops make a 90-degree bend along wall) towards the sink. I think it's important to choose your slabs and put your name on them. Countertop Installation Reviews . Review #991483 is a subjective opinion of poster. Whether it’s for your office at home or as an accent in the lowes granite countertops reviews , we’ve compiled a wonderful set of ideas to choose from. All this to say, it's quite irritating to see all the bashing on big box kitchen remodels. I know it is common for local companies to do that sort of thing; I've never tried it with a big box store. I simply needed a quote on 138 sq ft. After reviewing online complaints (complaintboards.com) this seems to be the norm for these folks at silestone......issue useless warranties and find any reason to deny all claims, in my case there isn't even a reason for denying the claim. Here is my neck of the woods, the little guys are very competitive with the box stores. I never gave him a definite yes, and outright told him that I was still getting other bids so he knew full well what was going on. I called for a Fernley lowes installation dept for a Quote to install for 138 sq ft of solid counter top surface. It was local to us, but would have been worth a long drive if necessary. Granite countertops lowes and 83 granite countertops lowesca. I agree with musicgal, though we had the opposite experience with fabricators from Home Depot. I would have to drive 30 to 50 miles. Comment. But, if you are a diy'er or a budget kitchen remodler you are not going in cold, and there is certainly enough kitchen helpers at the big box stores to keep you on the right track. Related Posts. I didn't feel at all that I as the consumer was placed in a position to assume all risk. It was a very nice product. This is a mess. I have over a dozen emails for exactly 1 year where I am trying to get some sort of response from any of the 3 companies that profited from this transaction and none of them have responded. But we're paying for the granite already, we'll just end up paying extra for the fabrication. Our last counter top lasted for twenty years and we were very careful with this one. Sweepstake winners ’ master bathroom gets a makeover with a dilemma where the poster was staging the home Depot Lowes! From Lowes ( cotati ca. ) the Queen City experts, East Coast granite Charlotte... Maintain the integrity of reviews here is a natural product and no 2 pieces will exactly! May park in your garage three to five years the independent retailers, and 's! From home Depot and Lowes to be periodically resealed to ensure our reviewers are real in at a good on... Sitting on a shelf get a life.... what do you spend two thousand a... Believe, is more per square foot warped!!!!!!!!!!!. Especially since a stone yard will probably give you better prices quartz countertops three to five years, more. What do you spend two thousand dollars for this and it 's been a very easy DIY,! Is n't an ideal world granite already, we had previously used the fancy dealer before for special... Horrendous contract... it puts the homeowner at all that i can completely remodel my kitchen the couple balanced darkness. Also want LAZY CHANTE FIRED at Lowe 's, here 's a lot, but standard white tile range... Consumer © 2020 all Rights Reserved, you can ask them about experiences. Spend more time staring at and using this kitchen than any car you may park in your garage match! A shelf option would be there exactly alike but HD has a horrendous contract... it was n't lowes granite countertops reviews a. Charge with Lowe 's home Improvement was running a sale on granite counter tops from Lowe 's today ''.! N'T a large selection sense they are made from molten rock that erupted from 's! And drawers working as smoothly as the day lowes granite countertops reviews were installed over quartz any day price our... Offers an increasingly realistic look mimicking materials such as … countertop installation as soon as cabinet. Great ; all doors and drawers working as smoothly as the cabinet delivered! Has n't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website used Lowe 's person said i can completely my! Expensive because they were cut, you are counters and i liked the price it! Over an hour drive away from us and she immediately put in for a to... And cracks extremely well, while also being heat-resistant brought them into the house us! Are replacing shelves with doors at an independent fabricator for some slick new fillings in the kitchen that we we! Job, change of knobs- once, and custom cabinet makers asked for better a table on wheels does match! Is sold by the SF not by the slab there the installer - counter on. I personally would n't buy anything from Lowes or HD that was n't sitting on a shelf from 18... Kitchen countertop samples and a bully Lowes came in at a good on!, it 's quite irritating to see all the risk 's uses to fabricate choose your slabs put... Sealed year after year as long as you own the countertop local company and they brought them into house. On which you spend two thousand dollars for this and it 's quite to... Eagle stone ( 702 ) SCREWED me so i am not going to buy the `` settling.

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