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4. To wipe the slate clean definition and meaning ... Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Idiom: 4. For example, the idiom ‘bite off more than you can chew’ doesn’t mean you bite more than a mouthful of a cake or something else and then struggle to … Another word for slate: schedule, plan, book, programme, appoint | Collins English Thesaurus When you ‘wipe the slate clean’ it means to start anew or start again from the beginning especially when you are prepared for getting past wrongdoings, disagreements or mistakes. A record of nothing but good conduct, without any errors or bad deeds; past acts that are all good without any bad ones. To Wipe The Slate Clean. Another word for clean slate. They picked the bones clean. Sign Up; Log In Grammar & Vocab. Click on the alphabet to view idioms starts with selected alphabet. Discover the definition of 'Clean slate' in our extensive dictionary of English idioms and idiomatic expressions. Meaning : A clean slate is a record of your work or actions that does not show past mistakes and allows you to make a fresh start . It’s all water under the bridge. Meaning of Wipe The Slate Clean. Definition of slate by the Dictionary of American Idioms. 3. Example sentences with slate idiom. Every day, we are Warriors For Hope. There is no potential in the child to observe the signs, reflect and seek out the truth and discover the meaning of life. Tabula rasa is a Latin phrase often translated as "clean slate" in English and originates from the Roman tabula used for notes, which was blanked by heating the wax and then smoothing it. Example sentences with clean slate idiom. Idiom : Clean slate. Wipe The Slate Clean stands for (idiomatic) To make a fresh start, for example by forgetting about previous differences and disagreements.. A "clean slate" is a common phrase used in the English language to indicate having a fresh start with nothing bad taken into account. Definition of blank slate written for English Language Learners from the Merriam-Webster Learner's Dictionary with audio pronunciations, usage examples, and count/noncount noun labels. If you want to learn English grammar or grow your vocabulary then these resources will help you with your studies. Clean slate comes from the slate boards used in schools. Arguments-disagreements-disputes idioms, page 3, with their meaning and an example, from 'moot point' to 'wipe the slate clean', for learners of English. Note: Slate is a type of stone, black or dark grey in colour, which can be split into smooth, flat sheets. Wipe the slate clean / Start with a clean slate. SHARE. slate (slāt) n. 1. Discover (and save!) TWEET. This idiom often appears as wipe the slate clean. Clean slate definition is - a person's record (as from a school or a job) that shows no evidence of any problems, broken rules, etc. He had a clean slate so the principal did not punish him. Example: Last year he had a lot of problems so he is starting this year with a clean slate and a positive attitude. meaning wipe the slate clean. 28. [Meaning] Expression refers the meaninglessness of life, and how it's up to each individual to add meaning and color to his or her 'field' by means of personal dreams and aspirations. clean sweep. See more. To Clean House. A writing tablet made of a similar material. How to use clean slate in a sentence. A clean bill of health definition: If a doctor gives you a clean bill of health , they tell you that you are fit and healthy... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples clean slate|clean|slate n. phr. SHARE. [Synonyms] Blank slate, blank canvas, clean slate, square one, etc. This is an idiomatic expression used in both social and professional contexts. start/begin with a clean slate/sheet: Firms often want to start with a clean slate when setting up a new subsidiary. 25. wipe the slate clean: give someone a fresh chance or start (see “clean slate”) Also, the proverb “A new broom sweeps clean” means that someone new to a situation (such as a job) will make a … Johnny was sent to the principal for whispering. The saying is known as an English idiom, which means that people who speak English well know this combination of words means something other than the literal dictionary definition. Translation for 'clean slate' in the free English-French dictionary and many other French translations. How to use slate idiom? How to use clean slate idiom? The forecasters are predicting of making a clean sweep for the ruling party in the approaching election. ; In Year 2014 Mr. Narendra Modi made a clean sweep the Congress Party and became the Prime Minister. phr.} Usage : He was able to rebuild his life with a clean slate. EMAIL. In Reply to: 'a clean sheet of paper' or just a clean sheet? A fine-grained metamorphic rock that splits into thin, smooth-surfaced layers. Origin: in Victorian times, schoolchildren used to write on boards made from a piece of flat rock called "slate" set in a wooden frame. SHARE. You can always start with a clean slate – it’s never too late. An idiom is a phrase or expression that has a meaning that in most cases cannot be deduced directly from the individual words in that phrase or expression. A child is passive like a clean slate and not an active agency. Use In A Sentence: I just hope that I can wipe the slate clean and start over again. Clean Slate. Posted by Lotg on March 25, 2004. Meaning. How to use wipe the slate clean … A record of past performance or activity: start over with a clean slate. At CleanSlate, our mission is to transform the healthcare experience for people suffering from opioid and alcohol addictions. Make a fresh start, not connected to how things were before. MORE. By Abigail Fagan, published November 2, 2017 - last reviewed on June 21, 2018 . Meaning: to forget one’s past mistakes and start over. beginning. 27. b. Definition of clean slate by the Dictionary of American Idioms. Meaning: to forgive and forget mistakes made in the past and start again in a new way. What does the idiom 'Clean slate' mean? νικά Български Русский Српски العربية فارسی 日本語 한국어 We’re accomplishing this through high-quality medication treatment led by physicians, combined with individualized treatment and hands-on care. A fresh start; another chance after wiping out old offenses or debts. an irresistible victory; easy success; to defeat the competitor very easily; win devastatingly; Example Sentences. It is one of the most commonly used expressions in English writings. Grammar & Vocab. 2. to turn over a new leaf (= to start behaving in a better way) Left alone, the child will become a threat to the law and order. Start with a clean slate. 24. squeaky clean: completely clean or incorruptible. your own Pins on Pinterest Slate definition, a fine-grained rock formed by the metamorphosis of clay, shale, etc., that tends to split along parallel cleavage planes, usually at an angle to the planes of stratification. 2. a. A piece of this rock cut for use as roofing or surfacing material or as a writing surface. What does slate expression mean? : a clean record. [Idiom] Life is a barren field. Etymology. 1. a clean slate (= to forget about past problems; to start from the beginning) Phrases: to start with/on a clean slate. start. What does clean slate expression mean? Find more ways to say clean slate, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. … It is the duty of the "state authorities" to write on the clean slate (or to fill the glass). 19th century. clean slate idiom meaning. Meaning #1: to remove a group … What is another word for "wipe the slate clean"? The expression is used figuratively from the mid. Let’s start on a clean slate. Wipe the slate clean definition is - to forget all the things that have happened or been done and start doing something again : to start again from the very beginning. Translation for 'slate' in the free English-Czech dictionary and many other Czech translations. Clean slate. A record of nothing but good conduct, without any errors or bad deeds; past acts that are all good without any bad ones. slate idiom meaning. Meaning : A fresh beginning Usage : Rama and Shama decided to forget their previous differences and start with a clean slate. Click on the alphabet to view idioms starts with selected alphabet. Aug 31, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Shane English Schools. Synonyms and related words +-Beginnings, starts and early stages. νικά Български Русский Српски العربية فارسی 日本語 한국어 ... clean slate [clean slate] {n. posted by Lotg on March 25, 2004: : : In a message concerning a decision someone had to make, I used the expression --- 'you now have a clean sheet of paper'. English idiom question: what does "clean slate approach" mean? This roughly equates to the English term "blank slate" (or, more literally, "erased slate") which refers to the emptiness of a slate prior to it being written on with chalk. make a clean breast of it: admit the truth. Wipe The Slate Clean is an idiom.

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